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Visited several centres of NGOs like Balsahyog, Palna, Kidscan, Sakshi and conducted interactive sessions with children along with distribution of my rhyme book Tak Dhina Dhin.

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Storytelling at residence on children's day

It was real fun to have a storytelling session on Children's Day at my residence. Children and me, we all celebrated the session.

Storytelling session at Balsahyog, an NGO

Storytelling session was conducted at Balsahyog, an NGO on the theme Baisakhi: It's Different Hues. How various festivals are celebrated throughout India under  names on the same day, was emphazised. The concept of Unity in Diversity was well explained  by weaving various stories around these festivals. The concept of Hindu calender, the importance of the month of Baisakh was also explained .

Storytelling session at Salam Balak Trust

Storytelling session was taken at Salam Balak Trust on the occasion of Baisakhi. Various festivals were discussed which fall in the auspicious month of Vaisakh. The session ended with children dancing on the Bihu and Bhangra tunes. It was really satisfying to be with these children.

Storytelling at Wonderoom

Wonderoom is an innovative Children’s library located in the heart of Delhi. It provides an opportunity for children in the age group of 8-15 years to explore the world of over 5000 interesting books. Stories of different genres were told to children through enactment. Children thorougly enjoyed the session.

Storytelling at Centre for Education and Health Research Organization( CEHRO)

Centre for Education and Health Research Organization is an institution that has evolved its own identity as an autonomous non-profit body registered under 1860 Societies Act, working in the field of Education, Health and Research area. Cehro India Society was a social venture philanthropy formed by a group of youths coming from premier institutes of India (NSIT, IIIT, Jamia etc.) who have always believed and worked towards the welfare of the under privileged. Belief has now taken shape of reality under the name of CEHRO to promote research, publication, development, training and similar creative activities across the country.
Storytelling session  was taken for around 100 children of this organisation in which folk tales of Japan and China were also told along with other tales. Poetry books TAK DHINA DHIN were also distributed to these children.

Storytelling at Wonderoom - July 2017

Wonderoom is a children's library situated at the headquarters of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, working to inculcate 'love for reading' among children from different socio economic backgrounds in Delhi.
It celebrated the birth anniversary of 'Munshi Premchand' on 31st July 2017 at Jawahar Bhawan Auditorium.  Stage plays based on the stories of 'Munshi Premchand' were presented by children and some storytellers. The story by Munshi  Premchand 'Kazaki'was enacted by me . It was really a fun filled evening where so many stories came alive.

Storytelling at Gole Market (Sarvahitey)

Got the opportunity to talk to little children at Gole market. It was a great feeling to know that these children had the concept of Independence, knew our freedom fighters and their struggle for Independence and also the meaning of Ahimsa. Children were able to understand the stories of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Swami Vivekanand and Gandhiji narrated by me. These children were very bright and had the urge to read and do well in studies. Tak Dhina Dhin, my poetry books were also distributed. Children loved singing the songs of the books. It was a lovely evening spent with these kids. Thanks to Sarvahitey, an Ngo whose young brigade is doing so much for these under privileged kids and made this visit a memorable one.

Storytelling on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

'Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will'
- Mahatma Gandhi

Stories from the life of Mahatma were shared with the children of my apartment. 

It was an attempt to understand what made us lovingly call the bald, bespectacled man clad in nothing but a khadi cloth, 'Mahatma'. ​

Storytelling at New Delhi Children's Hospital & Research Centre (NDCHRC)

Stories .. stories ..... in the air!
Great Time spent at NDCHRC with children and adults at Vasant Kunj.

Reflections of the session 

Your storytelling skills are awesome. Not only kids but we all enjoyed your stories. The grace, the poise, the rhythm, the expressions, the emotions, all clubbed together in beautiful stories made our experience unforgettable. Loved it. Hope to have you soon with us again. Thanks a lot for your time.

-Pratyush Kumar 

Storytelling session on Budh Purnima

A storytelling session was conducted for the children of Gole market with the help of an NGO Sarvahitey, on the occassion of Budh Purnima, Inspirational stories from the life of Budha were told to the children. It was an enriching experience .

See the video

Storytelling session for The Rising People

A storytelling session was conducted for the children of Ngo The Rising People Welfare Society in the District park, Rajouri Garden. Children were very enthusiatic and listened and responded well to the stories. Children were happy to get the copies of the  books 'Tak Dhina Dhin'. You can see a glimpse of the session here

Storytelling during Sadbhavna Katha Utsav - March 2019

Storytelling sessions were taken for the children of various ngos during the weekends for three weeks in which different folktales of India and other countries were told.The sessions were enjoyed by one and all present over there. This was organised by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.