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इंसानियत की मशाल सब मिलकर उठाएँ

जश्न मानवता का एक जुट हों मनाएँ 

चलो सब एक हो नया गीत गुनगुनाएँ

प्रेम के संदेश को जन – जन में फैलाएँ ।

~ उषा छाबड़ा 

As a Resource Person

As an Author

As a Story Teller

As a Script Writer

M.Phil (Hindi), M.A.(English & Hindi), B.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed

Working with Delhi Public School, Rohini as TGT (since 1996)

Conducted workshops as Hindi Expert in various Delhi Public Schools (Srinagar, Hyderabad and Baroda)


Conducted workshops for children on creative writing, poetry and theatre in National Bal Bhavan and NGOs Bal Sahyog and SAKSHI.


Conducted teacher training programmes at NGOs  DIET, SARD, DCCW, SAKSHI, SETH M.R.JAIPURIYA SCHOOL (BANARAS AND HARDOI)

Undertaken script writings for stage shows of various Annual Day Programmes of the school as well as for Natya Ballet Centre and NTPC.


Wrote the script for a cultural programme in the Vishva Hindi Sammelan 2015, held in Bhopal.


Wrote the script for a cultural programme in the Vishva Hindi Sammelan 2018, held in Mauritius.

Authored Hindi text books and Poetry Books for children.

Have taken various storytelling sessions for kids at school and Dilli Haat, National Bal Bhavan, Oxford Bookstore (Delhi), NGOs SAKSHI, Bal Sahyog, Salaam Baalak Trust, CHETNA, PRAYAS (Agra), CEHRO, NDCHRC, National Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.  


Written concept based stories on the letters of the Hindi alphabet for Ahvaan Trust  which works for DOE and SCERT.



Interview at international magazine SETU- Read Here